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Short Term Rental Management Company

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– Do you want to have a hassle FREE TENANT who pays on time that you will never have to worry about?

If so, keep on reading!

Lux Lodging Pro is a unique company that works with Landlords, and Property Owners.


We will lease your luxury home(s) for either a long or short term basis all depending on the situation.

We provide owners with the assurance that they will be paid on time, their property will be well cared for, fully insured, and monitored 24/7.

What does Lux Lodging Pro do?


We provide elite concierge and hospitality services to vacationers, frequent travelers, business men and women seeking a unique stay with a full hospitality service.

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Benefits to You, the Landlord:

Who would be staying in my property?


Out of state business and leisure travelers who are seeking something different choose Lux Lodging Pro. Our average members income is $75,000 or more annually, prescreened for identification, and will provide a deposit prior to their visit. They are adults over 30 years old, no pets or smoking allowed, and they will typically stay for 1-3 nights.

Is there any charge for working with Lux Lodging Pro?


There are no fees, charges or hidden costs whatsoever for allowing us to lease your property. We sign a month to month, 6, 12 or 24 month lease and provide a deposit, just as any other tenant would.

Call 1-833-LXLODGE (595-6343) – for more information.

Here’s a comparison of a typical renter vs working with us…


Why Landlords Love Us:

"Hi, my name is Irina, and I have rented my home to Lux Lodging Pro for an agreed upon monthly amount (more than I asked for) and that I was expecting to receive. I never have to worry about chasing my rent payments, and the property has never been so loved and taken care of.

I visit my property from time to time, unannounced and I must say the home never looked better. What I really like besides the fact the rent is always on time, is all the repairs are immediately taken care of, which is keeping my home in tip-top condition and it doesn’t cost me anything and I don’t worry about it. Lux Lodging Pro cleans the house every 3 – 4 days, which is absolutely the best feeling in the world for a homeowner.

Last month I got a surprise in the mail from my insurance company. ​Because the insurance Kelli put in place, I will be receiving a monthly refund check of around $250 a month, which is a refund of my home insurance policy, as Kelli’s policy replaces my home insurance policy.

The Lux Lodging Pro team insures the property, which is far superior to my homeowner’s insurance policy. Leasing this property to Kelli and her team was the best decision I ever made, and I hope to be providing her group with another property in the next few months. Thanks again for all of your help.

The Lux Lodging Pro team is the best… Irina."

Work With Us

Here are some of the advantages for working with Lux Lodging Pro:

We have a professional package we can share upfront with you which clearly provides you the details of what we do and why homeowners should deal with us. Here are the top 12 items owners look for and we make sure they are not only addressed but taken care of on our side:

  • First, the landlord will be paid electronically at the first of every month without fail.

  • 2nd, after every guest leaves, your property is cleaned to the highest standards by a professional cleaning service with our quality control. Your home will always look like a show room.

  • 3rd, you will always have peace of mind knowing that your home is well cared for, as we install electronic door locks, surveillance cameras, and electronic thermostats, at our expense, so we can monitor the home 24/7 and immediately shut down access to your property at a moment’s notice.

  • 4th, we will take care of all of those nagging repairs at our expense up to $500. Most tenants would let them go until the situation gets much worse. We take immediate action to fix those issues immediately. We also work directly with the home warranty company on any major appliance issues so your don’t have to and will pay the deductible up to $200.

  • 5th, we insure the property for damage, loss of income, and against any type of accident which may occur. In most cases, homeowners can drop their homeowners insurance as we name the landlord and mortgage company as lost payees… This could save you thousands of dollars a year.

  • 6th, we provide an open door policy that you can come into the home any time of the day or night to check on your home. All we ask is that you don’t do so when it is occupied by one of our guests. Please wait till they check out.

  • 7th, we have an absolute NO Party Policy, and our guests will be immediately removed from the premises if this rule is broken.

  • 8th, once homeowners see how beautiful their home looks after we take over, will be asking themselves why they hadn’t done this sooner.

  • 9th, we take a proactive measure, with the landlord's permission, to inform the neighbors of exactly what we are doing, so if they ever have an issue, we get quickly notified and we can easily rectify the situation, keeping the integrity of the neighborhood.

  • 10th, we have our quality control experts walk the property to make sure all the fine details with the yard, curb appeal, inside of home, are all strategically arranged and cared for so that it is appealing and tastefully arranged for the ultimate guest experience. This is what we call the “WOW” moment.

  • 11th, we take pride in our quality control, as we reach out to our guests multiple times prior, during and post stay. This ensures confidence and builds the relationship that sets the stage for a first class experience and a well behaved guest.

  • Lastly, we can provide references from other happy property owners and you can even walk through some of our properties to clearly see just how thorough we are.

Once we have had the home for 14 – 18 months, we start positioning it for a purchase as the lenders want to see a track record of income, which we will have… It is the perfect strategy for selling your home and to start producing income so you can move on with your life with confidence.

We will consider leasing properties all over the world.

Currently we have properties in: Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Kentucky, and the Bahamas!

Here are a few of our wonderful properties:

Lugana Beach

4 bdrm with amazing views

St Augustine

2 bdrm condo


3 bdrm oceanfront condo


1 bdrm oceanfront condo


If you have any questions regarding us leasing or renting your home, please call or email us.

We want you to feel 100% confident that we are the absolute best tenant you will ever have...

Call (833) LXLODGE

(833) 595-6343

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